The Easy Guide to Advertising and Building Your Audience using Quora

The Easy Guide to Advertising and Building Your Company using Quora


Our sales and marketing teams have an plan to conduct 40 + marketing tests this year!

Whether they work or not, we’re looking for strategies that can help us boost brand awareness, traffic and conversion levels, just to name a few.

One strategy, we concentrated on Quora marketing this quarter.

While Quora has been around for a while, until now this has not been a tactic on which we have prioritized.

We’ve found that Quora was always the first answer that came up when we googled a query. And, for some, we felt maybe it was the same. From that discovery, we decided to see how Quora marketing could impact our marketing performance. Take a look at what we’ve learned and what you can do to improve your Quora marketing to create brand recognition, develop thought leadership and drive traffic.

The Quora Marketing Gains

“Hustling or selling is just what you are not allowed to do at Quora. Instead, they aim at spreading awareness.

Much like many social media sites, the number one marketing target on Quora should not be sales or ROI.

With business leaders from nearly every group in attendance, Quora is a community of professionals eager to support others.

By engaging frequently with other participants, you will obtain valuable perspectives from leading experts, target your audience and even repurpose your content while you respond and ask questions.

And yes, it can be used as a distribution channel and set up to attract traffic back to your site, but after experimenting with Quora, we saw it more as a forum to increase our brand recognition and create leadership in thought.

How to Market Quora for Your Brand

As I mentioned earlier, Quora is a great platform that can be used to drive brand awareness and create thought leadership, but it can also help you generate blog topics from frequently asked questions, and is also a resource for collecting quotes from industry thinkers.

Here’s how you get started with Quora marketing for your brand of more than 100 million active monthly users.

Optimize your profile on Quora

No matter what the social network, it’s a critical first step to build a great profile.

On Quora, you want your profile to tell people who you are, what you are doing, and give them other ways to communicate with you-like your blog, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

No matter what the social network, it’s a critical first step to build a great profile.

On Quora, you want your profile to tell people who you are, what you are doing, and give them other ways to communicate with you-like your blog, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

Consider doing the following

Setting Up Topic Specific Bios: You should build topic-specific bios to make the most of your bio, particularly if you have a large variety of expertise.

Setting Up Topic Specific Bios: You should build topic-specific bios to make the most of your bio, particularly if you have a large variety of expertise.

Quora helps you to change your bio according to the questions you’re answering.

Here’s how you can do it: There is a “Edit Credential” option in the “…” menu after you’ve sent a reply. You’ll want to select that option, and select the credentials you want to edit in the pop-up.

When “delete” has been selected, you will be taken to another box where you can enter your new bio and press “save.” If you want to change your bio somewhere, you can choose the default setting.

Add Links in Your Summary: While the summary box may be a great place to talk about your experience and help you generate a certain SEO interest, it could also be an opportunity for you to push more clicks to your website.

Quora allows you to use in-line hyperlinks in your explanation but make strategic and sparing use of these. For example, you want the links to be meaningful and useful to direct people to your homepage, blog or social media accounts.

Keyword Optimize Your Headline: Like LinkedIn, your headline is a perfect place for keywords in the industry to be optimised and found.

For example, in the image above, Bob uses his headline to incorporate keywords such as inbound marketing and inbound marketing agency, our brand name as well.

Keep in mind that Quora will limit your headline to a maximum of 50 characters so stay short. Like Google search results, you don’t want to have the infamous ellipsis in the headline.

Create your brand name as a subject: Whether you are a SaaS company or simply a business selling a service or product, creating a subject specifically for your brand is a perfect way for people to ask questions about your business or product / service and answer them.

2. Find relevant questions

When you have configured your profile it’s time to start contributing!

Where to find answers to the correct quora questions

Quora has millions of questions but how do you know if you answer the correct ones?

Nobody wants to waste time and money answering old or outdated questions and, sadly, this is where most people face challenges.

The more upvotes your answers have on Quora for those of you who don’t know, the higher your answers will show up in the question stream.

For example, if you’re trying to answer inbound marketing questions, you’ll want to search in the query bar for that word, and then select the topic when it appears.

Select Topic FAQ (Frequently Asked questions) when you’re in the feed for that subject. This will give you the top questions that will be asked within this subject.

This will give you a clever jump-off point.

Don’t be discouraged if hundreds, or even thousands of people have already answered the issue. If a large proportion of people look at the question, and your answer provides interest, then you have the ability for those viewers to upvote your answer and push it to the top of the list.

Another way to find specific questions is to enter and pick check in your keyword in the query window. And then filter out those findings based on questions submitted during the month.

Check for evergreen questions With over 1,000 views

When you’ve found the FAQs for your subject, you’ll want to look for questions that have earned over 1,000 views and those posted for at least a week.

The concept here is, the more views you have on a topic, the more attention your answer could get.

You will find the stats in the right sidebar, below The Stats for each the. Using the picture underneath as a reference.

Because Quora isn’t everything you need to sort questions by preferences, you may need to spend some time manually looking for questions that fit those parameters, but it will pay off in the long run.

Turn Notifications Off!

In order to increase brand awareness on Quora constantly, you’ll want to receive updates of new related questions to your knowledge areas. You’ll want to follow topics related to your industry to obtain those updates.

Do not stop there until you get those texts. You’ll want to have answers to those questions when necessary. You can do that using already created content.

3. Address Relevant Problems

If you’ve found the questions you’re going to want to answer, the best and easiest way to answer questions is by using content you’ve already developed.

Pull content directly from a corresponding blog post, in other words.

Using broad snippets from a blog post instead of publishing the entire article to address the question and provide a link back to the complete piece on your site.

You’ll also want to add a tracking URL to the blog post in your response when you do this (where it makes sense of course). Here’s how you can make a HubSpot Tracking URL.

While your answers need not necessarily be the length of a blog post. You are going to want to add as much detail as possible without giving away the whole answer. Give them pieces and parts, while leading them back to your original content portion.

You can also keep brief and to the point your answers; the goal is to add value.

You may also want to guide viewers back to your website, whether your answer is long or short, where they can find more details about their question. As you’ve seen from our findings, there’s no guarantee that people actually go back to your site, but even if they don’t, Quora has high authority on the web and any links that come back from it Coming back to your site, at the end of the day can only improve their level.

Questioned Answers

If you answer questions regularly on some subjects, you will gradually find that people may also begin to ask you to answer specific questions — and that’s awesome. That means people find what you’re saying useful and they start trusting your expertise.

These questions can be conveniently found on the left-hand side of your profile under “Asked to Answer.”

4. Sign in with other users of Quora

You’ll probably want to communicate with other users on Quora, as with any other social media sites.

On Quora you will find people to interact with: Looking at the top responses and followers of a particular subject.

Establish boards on issues in your sector and add to them.

Sharing content off and on Quora to generate useful information that can be followed by other Quora users.

5. Check your (regularly!) Analytics

You are executing as with any marketing campaign, it is necessary to regularly review your analytics to identify areas for improvement.

Not only can you show the statistics for all the questions you’ve answered, but also individually for each question. In those metrics, Quora tells you how many times your reaction has been viewed.

Using that knowledge, you’ll be able to see which questions produce the most views and which areas need enhancement and development.

Did you use Quora marketing to create traffic or increasing your brand? I would have loved to learn about your journey.


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