How to Make Money In 2020 With Clickbank Quick Tutorial on Step by Step!

How To Make Money By Selling Others Warrior-forum Products?

Clickbank is one of the world’s best and most highly paying affiliate network right now. It’s true they’ve got a lot of crappy, scammy goods, but there are still some decent ones.

So, I’ll show you today how to easily make money with Clickbank. If you already have a self-hosted WordPress blog with you this method is absolutely free.

If you don’t have one, then it’s easier to make one. Without a web site you can not hope to make money with ClickBank. And don’t worry, in this tutorial I’ll clarify the steps for building a new website

This approach is completely free and if you already have a web site / blog, you won’t need any money to start. So, Let’s continue without any delay.

Disclaimer-This page may contain links to affiliate websites and we will earn an affiliate fee on any transaction made by you using these links on the affiliate website.

How to make money quick with Clickbank

Simple Installation

Before we begin, let me explain how all of this works.

For a WordPress website, we create a simple landing page and drive traffic to that page. After clicking on the call to action button and entering the email address, the user will be routed to a ClickBank affiliate deal.

This bid to an affiliate must be some free training. Some Clickbank products have free training in them and in this article I’ll be showing you those products.

So, we should have his / her email address once. In successive days we can e-mail them this same deal without spamming them.

Some may potentially turn to consumers and others do not. Don’t expect to see big conversions right when you start. This is not a fast scheme to get rich. It will take time, finally.

Establishing your Website

If you own a Wix website already, then you can skip this step.

Fast all online companies need a website. A website is a must if you are serious about making any money online.

A free blogging platform like Blogger or has too many drawbacks and won’t let you use a website’s full functionality.

For this tutorial we will use Wix as the website builder. It’s one of the best in the industry, and moreover, compared to other builders, it’s very cheap.

The best thing about Wix is they have their own email marketing platform and you don’t have to use any other third party software to do that.

Wix starts at $13/month and has a free plan, too (but it’s limited). Seek to get some of the paid plans (including a free domain) if you can.

PS – And Wix has a special pricing strategy for the Indian men. Just one premium plan is available and it costs only $0.39/Month (yes, it’s 39 cents!). And in turn you do get a free domain (!). If you’re from India, and don’t buy it yet! Are you crazy or are you crazy?

It’s much cheaper than its alternatives such as Clickfunnels and Kartra anyhow.

PPS – I know that Sales funnel builders are ClickFunnels and Kartra, but who told you can’t create a sales funnel with Wix?

If you’re signing up on Wix, you’re going to go through a series of steps asking your name, form, and other things. React to them correctly and you’d be well off.

Finally, you’ll hit your Wix account’s dashboard and it can look like this a little bit.

Creating a Standard

This is a momentous move.

If you have the wrong product, surely you are not going to succeed. Clickbank has a number of unserviceable spam goods. So check out this tutorial before selecting a product to support Clickbank.

Find a company that provides free workouts. There are 2 affiliate programs that I know of on Clickbank.

They are the Super Affiliate Network of John Crestani, and the CB Passive Income Elite.

There could be more partner programs with free training or workshops; by going to Clickbank’s marketplace, you can check it out.

You have to ask-” Why should we need Free Training affiliate offers? “There are two explanations for this!

No. Run! Quick everyone likes free stuff and goods. In turn offering them something for their email addresses for free is a perfect deal for both the retailer and the customer.

And the second is why. Such affiliate programs have huge sales funnels which convert very well after people sign up for the free training. You wouldn’t need to create sales funnels that way and you can easily make money.

Creating a Landing Page

Also known as a lead capture page is a landing page and this is exactly what we’re trying to create here.

When designing your landing page, the most important thing to keep in mind is that it needs to be simple and does not involve a whole lot of design.

To build a Wix landing page, go to your dashboard — > Web Activities — > Edit Tab.

You’ll be guided to their builder website. Wix is one of the Internet’s best and most versatile web page builders.

You can create pages by simply dragging items from the menu and dropping them. It can happen to any 10-year-old!

Build a landing page after you’re in there anyhow you like. It can be as easy as the one here:-

The reason the landing page is so minimal is that basic pages such as these really do convert well.

Now, it should be built in such a way that a Pop-up will open and ask for their email address when you press the Get Started button.

The following steps will help you do that: Click from the Wix Editor on the Get Started button.

You will see an choice with a “connect picture” look. Click on it, and pick LightBox. This will require the appearance of a pop-up when clicking on the icon.

Select “Create new” from there, and pick any feature that has an opt-in email form.

Now you can edit the pop up according to your needs. If you wish, here’s a simple template

Clicking on the popup will give you the choice for lightbox settings. Click on it, and select No for “Automatically view lightbox on pages” option!

Now, there is one more thing to do, when someone submits the form, the action needs to be turned on. So, in the popup press the “Start Now” button.

The settings for the Send button will be revealed. Under the option “When a visitor submits the form”, click on “Go to site page or lightbox” and then click on “Choose a link”.

Now click “Web Address” and then enter the free course affiliate connection you have selected above.

This is it. It’s almost all setup. Now the pop up will appear when a user clicks the Get Started Now button on the tab. And the email will be saved in the Wix email marketing tool when he submits the form with his email address and he will be sent to the free training page (Affiliate URL).

Setting up Wix Email Marketing Platform

Wix comes bundled with an email marketing platform, so you don’t have to pay extra for a third party product.

If a visitor has entered his / her email address, it is added to your list. Such people need to be nurtured, and we can convince them to buy the path on which we have guided them.

So, We will send emails advertising this specific product to them in the following days. Make sure you are not spamming them on.

You can set up automations for this on Wix.

To set up an automation on Wix, follow the steps below:-

Go to “Customer Service” in your Dashboard and then press “Automations.”

Select “Build New Automation” You can find three areas, Trigger, Behavior and Timing, from there.

Click on the “trigger” button and set it to “when someone submits a particular form,” then pick the form that you have added to the web.

Tap on the “Action” button and then draft your first post. This email should thank the user for subscribing and should include some promotional material along with the link to the affiliate page. You can get the templates / swipes via email from the product’s affiliate page.

Click “Timing” after that and pick “Immediately” where it says “Choose a time to submit this action” and finally click “Trigger” That’s it! And you’re all suited to it!

You’ll need to send emails in intervals in the following days. Such emails will support your preferred affiliate product.

To do that, either you can set up more automations like the one above, or you can create new email campaigns by going to “Marketing & SEO” and then choosing “Online Marketing” Double-check whether it works or not. If you are having any problems just comment below or contact me at

Motor traffic

It is hard to get traffic.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean you can leave the other people like 90 per cent. Take it up as a challenge, and try to get as much traffic from various sources as you can.

Below are some ways to get your website into traffic:-

Solo Advertising on Udimi

Udimi is a network in which advertisers and publishers share trades exclusively for solo advertising.

In short, in their niche-specific email list, it is where you pay people to promote your connection. This way, depending on what you’re promoting, you get sales, opt-ins or guests.

A lot of vendors are in here. Only make sure you pick the right person before you put an order.

It is one of the easiest ways to raise money in a short time.

Since it reaches the right demographic based on your niche, you’ll most likely be having at least one offer.

If you have to pay nearly $60-$80 then I advise you to try this one. A lot of people use this strategy to get sales. Here is some evidence:-

Even if you don’t get a deal, you’ll probably get lots of opt-ins and your email list will expand.

2. Quora

Quora is a website where people respond to questions other users have posed. When you’re new to digital marketing space it’s a great tool to use.

But people here continue to make mistakes. Quora moderates each answer, and penalizes the user if they deem them to be spam.

Just make sure you meet these guidelines when commenting on Quora:-

Write 3-6 pages, in which you address the question clearly.

Offer a link at the bottom of your blog or any specific words of your reply that closely suit the material on your website.

Never connect up too many articles in one reaction.

Don’t use words like Click here, click here or anything like that.

Quality is not quantity but the essential.

3. Youtube

Youtube is a free platform where you can upload videos. Youtube has millions of visitors daily and you can make use of that by uploading review videos of these affiliate products.

The problem you would face would be traffic to your video. It will take a lot of time to build and finally become successful on Youtube.

There is a Youtuber called Digital Millionaire. He does the exact same thing. He reviews affiliate products and makes sales from them.

Pro Tip – If you are planning to upload one video and wait for the traffic to come in, then this is probably not the method for you. When it comes to Youtube and Blogging, patience and consistency is the key.

4. Switch off Pop-up

This is a method of smart marketing that most bloggers use. If you already have a blog with substantial traffic, this works extremely well.

A pop-up pops up when you’re about to exit the tab, which can advertise any product, service or something.

This approach really does convert well. I actually use the same method to create my email list for this blog.

You can use Wix Lightbox to build an Exit Pop-up and that’s pretty easy.


It’s not as easy to make money at Clickbank as many bloggers, YouTubers and others claim. You can not earn any initial sales at all.

But, if you continue to promote your website through the platforms mentioned above. I can guarantee you will start receiving sales within a while.

Only ensure you’re not leaving. Don’t be like other people’s 90 per cent. Consider standing out from others.

If you’re ever feeling like leaving, approach someone doing the 9-5 job and ask him about his life. That he’s having holiday time, family time and other stuff. Perhaps this will inspire you to try again.

Hope I supported you. If you receive your first sale using this system please comment below.

Peace! Peace to it!

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