How To Make Money From Facebook Groups

How To Make Money From Facebook Groups


Right now, Facebook groups are all in rage with businesses. But can I tell you a little bit of a secret? They have always been a big focus within my own business and a big secret to my success. In fact, I’ve consistently used my Facebook group to raise thousands of dollars a month in revenue for my business. I want to tell you why, and to show you how the same thing can be true for your business.


In addition to business pages, Facebook lets you build groups or communities. These groups create small online areas where people can gather together around something in common. They may be for support , education, or around a brand or product. You can link your group to your business page as well. Essentially, you as a brand or business can have a group that others can be part of.

Actually, there are several types of Facebook groups that you can run. You can teach people, you can offer services, you can offer supplies or you can offer a product. All of these types may relate to your brand or the products you offer.

Facebook is all about connections. It’s about getting in touch with others, and letting others meet you. A Facebook group promotes awareness of the community and brand in your company, yes. But instead of simply promoting your business, a group is helping to advance you. You are the face of your business.

You may encourage a deeper link with your individuals within a community. And what comes from that deeper connection? More to market. Loyal people. People who show up to buy anything that you’ve got for sale.

Why I started a group of facepooks?

Let’s get here fast. I didn’t have a web site when I started out. I didn’t know anything about Handmade Etsy or Amazon. But I knew how to post on Facebook so I decided to start a group on Facebook to sell my product.

I am telling you the honest truth when I say I started this group before it was cool to sell in groups. So, you can only imagine all the changes I’ve seen over the years with Facebook communities. But the one thing never changed was relationships.

A community is the best place to help you get to know your people and comprehend a client’s psychology. They are key elements to be mastered by any company owner. And a Facebook group helps to ease the proc


I was seeing Instagram users selling out regularly on their Etsy pages when I decided to start my community by creating a restock in their shops which was promoted exclusively on Instagram. These popular IG influencers would literally restock their Etsy shops, and their Etsy pages would be sold out within minutes. It made me think, “Can I do that too on Facebook? “It was insane the hysteria generated around their stock. I started on my journey to build exactly the same thing in a community selling Facebook and I’m glad that I did. To me it was a game-changer.


I’ll be completely up front with you about how good this was. I also had a dedicated company page on Facebook. If you don’t have a Facebook page that is engaged then that’s where you need to continue frankly.

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But seriously you need a base of customers before starting a sales company. It needn’t be thousands of people. Engagement is more important than the number of people who like your page. Commitment means listening to your messages. People who get involved will be more likely to see your material. And they prefer to buy more. All you need is an engaged audience to make a selling group work.


I always get the question, what is the difference between groups and Facebook pages. For many people who think they ‘re the same thing, I know it can be confusing but the difference is simple. A page is like your professional business card to the world while a community is built to make relationships easier and generate excitement around your product.


I started my group and posted on my Facebook page that I will now give a monthly sale inside my company. I told my page audience they’d get discounts in the group that weren’t available elsewhere. The hype? Well you had to be the first person to comment on the picture inside my group’s sales to get to buy the item for that discounted price.

I had some things about my clients, and about all the others.

Everybody likes a decent deal.

Everyone enjoys good competition, my company has been enjoyed by every one of my customers.

I went into work with these three things in mind.


  • I posted fun games.
  • I posted teaser pics of the things I was working on.
  • I let my people vote on what I should paint next or sayings to put on my product.
  • I posted completed photos of the product they would get access to.

One fun thing I did that created great engagement within my group was allowing them to choose the next month’s theme. I would pick three themes and let them vote. Once the voting was over I would start creating around the theme that won the vote and my cycle would go all over again. My customers were regularly interacting with me and my products and the whole time I was priming them to be able to buy.


My request had reached the point where I wanted to try selling my community twice a month instead of just once. Then the demand was so high that I went on to sell weekly. Every week I would make 25-45 pieces, and sell them. I made great money. I kept on selling out nights. But my mind was constantly trying to make something even bigger as you can imagine. How will I get any more of the sales? Only this was possible?

I set out to start my Etsy store. At this point, each month I made from my sales between 2-3 thousand dollars in my company. I grew so large I even hired another painter to work with me to churn out all these things. But we have now managed to build more.

This is the stage at which I believe my company has become a true company. And, huh! I just started feeling like a boss! I continued my restocks in my Facebook community every week, or every other week, but what I did next is what really took my company to a new stage. And that’s absolutely something you should do to!

I kept my stock in my community but instead, to push traffic, I would announce an sale of a few items that were popular in my Etsy shop for just 24 hours. What was it that did for my business?

I’d be having at least 10 to 15 additional orders each week. Honestly it was close to 50 orders from my Facebook community coming in for some weeks. This led to a Facebook group promoting my company every single month from 5-7 K everywhere. I don’t giggle. Any month.

Is this one pattern that you think you ‘d love? Could you see that doing your business?


Facebook introduces new updates every year intended to keep up with what users want and need. A big move right now is focusing on neighborhoods and classes. Such items in the works for group lovers are paying membership groups, product payment processing, group tales, more places where groups are featured and recommended, and so much more. There are so many developments happening with community styles and the simplicity of the network I can’t wait to see how it helps to create greater excitement around our companies and our goods.

The reality is people are coming to Facebook for community and civic engagement and communication with others. They don’t get to shop on Facebook. But when we build communities and engage with them, they want to buy from us. They are waiting in line for us to buy. We are part of a fan-tribe. And to be a part of that is an incredible process.

Some advice for those wishing to incorporate or expand groups as a business strategy:

Emphasis on Dedication. Know people don’t usually come to shop on Facebook. They come and feel linked. Create content that connects and connects to others.

Concentrate about what the audience wants. They are the team that produces the product. Hear them, and see what they are listening to. Outside the party, the community leaders are a little microcosm of your clients. If you pay attention to them they will help you reach top sellers.

Note a group is just as powerful as the community and the group will struggle without any contact. Speak to your family. Respond to comments. Get to know them. And let them get to know you.

Have fun. Make that a position that people like

I used my Facebook groups to make incomes consistently thousands of dollars a month. This is something which everyone can do with their company with some dedication and community attention. I hope these tactics will get your mind to think towards your business opportunities. Groups are the place to grow the faithful, true blue, highly dedicated following the needs of your company.


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